Leaving Monkey Unattended With Tools: Fitting the Bespoke Airsoft Striker Outer Barrel

I am not someone who should ever be left unattended with tools…I think I have alluded to this in previous posts. A number of years ago, I used to install lifts…(elevators for the Americans among us)…the fact that a large number of them caught fire stands testament not only to my skills in engineering, but also to why you should always take the stairs.


I work for the NHS now…which is of course far safer…your life in my hands. happily only a small number of my patients have ever caught fire.


Anyway…id been playing with the striker as documented in my previous article, and I’ve been following Bespoke airsoft’s shorter barrel mod with a lot of interest. SO I put myself on the pre-order a while ago and honestly had totally forgotten about it.

Their are many conversations about the cylinder volume theory…issue…whatever about the striker, many are also pointing out the a 550mm barrel is pretty long. VSR’s touching out 80 to 100 metres are happily running with 303mm barrel’s. I’m not going to get into these here, but what I wanted for my striker was something small, portable that I could if the mood take me sling on my back and forget about until I need. I also wanted something that could be hidden for those silly Op for Milsim games I play on occasion.

So, I was surprised when something long and black turned up in an unmarked box…how suspicious. Opening it, I found what has to be some of the most delicious machining I have seen in a long time. This thing brings me great pleasure with the precision by which it is machined. We will pause now so that I may share this frankly pornographic level of precision with you.

LOOK AT IT! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!19724120_10154968407313795_1314935915_o




That threading…..oh stop it you





Are you recovered?

So, fitting this thing. As I am sure many of you know the striker is easy to strip down. all the tools you need to take it apart are in the pistol grip, and you can find details of this else where.

My intention was to put the outer on and cut the inner to length, at this stage im looking at replacing the inner at a point in the future and will have no use for a 550mm length inner..so out will come the pipe cutter.

The barrel comes with a little plastic spacer, this is a stroke of genius as it holds the inner firm in the centre of the outer barrel and saves having to fiddle about drill out the delicate threads and other things likely to explode. My plastic spacer was a bit tight, so with some gentle sanding and hot water I pushed this on before I started cutting, as using the pipe cutter tends to put a lip on whatever it cuts.


So, all fitted to length, screwed on. at this point I grab a sharpie to mark where to cut and the whole assembly comes off again.

Cutting the inner barrel, honestly, truthfully and really badly of me, I was too lazy to take the hop apart So I cute the barrel in situ..im replacing the hop /  inner barrel eventually anyway, so I figured I had little to loose. to mark out if the inner barrel was twisting I marked out around its base using the seam lines as markers. if the black lines moved away from the markers I knew, not only had it twisted but which way it had twisted.


Actually cutting the inner barrel, using one of those pipe cutters, I really recommend you practice a few times first. It is so easy to be over zealous and crush your inner barrel, leaving you with a mess and potentially expensive mistake. My advice is take it slow and gentle pressure.19749423_10154968407273795_1877256726_o

Set the cutter up gently to score the inner barrel, 10 turns one way, 10 the other way and then tighten about 1/5th 1/4 of a turn. use only thumb and forefinger to avoid over tightening..then 10 one way 10 the other and repeat until you as so bored you want to


die. If you are not bored you are doing it too fast. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. fast is deadly..or in this case chopy chop chop.



okay, you have cut your inner barrel and its still round, huzzah!, problem is not its all burred and scary looking.



swarf is the evil nemesis of hop rubbers and delicate parts. take your barrel swab and from the breach end push a swab up the inner well past the hop rubber. leave it there

Take a dremel with a high grit cone bit to it. Making sure the both barrel and dremel are 19807078_10154968407103795_1294295332_overtical press gently together and get rid of the burrs and give yourself a bit of a cone inside the inner barrel. I used a spirit level..I couldn’t take pictures as..well Only 2 hands..but you get the idea.

now, push that swab out the muzzle end..feel overjoyed at the pretty brass glitter that comes out.

to make sure that nothing was left inside, I dry fired the gun a few times…YEAYY GLITTER CANNON of deadly sharp swarf. guaranteed to improve close range hit taking.

we digress.

I sat my plastic spacer as far forward as I can, my logic being that as I screw in the barrel this will apply some extra back pressure for the inner into the hop chamber, in much the19724055_10154968406978795_216876027_o same way the credit card, floor spacer, random furry thing mod does.

okay, outer is now on..assemble gun as normal and behold… a short sniper rifle reminiscent of a pirate musket.




some comparison pictures for your delight and delectation both with and without a silencer.











In terms of performance, cutting down my inner has given me an extra 15 FPS with 0.2 now and reduced my reverse joule creep from loosing approx 0.2 joule when switching to 0.36 ammo, to a very minimal amount of positive joule creep (0.08 J)

range, I’ve also got a little bit more range, a quick squiz in a friends long field tells me maybe an extra 5 metres, but this will require further testing..

added bonus, now I have a spare outer barrel…FREE MELEE WEAPON!!!


So, Thanks again to the ares striker group,


and you can find Bespoke’s barrel here





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